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We all live by faith, not always by what is seen. At times we experience tragedy. Other times, we experience moments of immense joy. There are times in our lives when things do not work out according to our plans, and there are other times when everything comes together perfectly. Life can be both fair and cruel. Sometimes we are well prepared, while other times we are caught off guard. Life is full of the unexpected; however life is not just a random series of events placed in the hands of fate to determine our outcome. Life is what you make of it. We reap what we sow, now and when we are gone. The events of our lives are truly, stranger than fate.

Stranger than Fate recorded their last album, "Making the Man", with Red Cord Records.

STF disbanded in 2011, however, fans can still listen to and follow STF on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and ReverbNation.

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