• Kristopher Mays

How to make a comeback from mistakes, failures and missed opportunities!

Is there an area in your life where you desire to make a comeback? Do you feel like there have been opportunities that you have missed, mistakes you want to recover from, or failures you long to resolve? Allow me to show you a concept with three parts that you can walk through to help you get back on track and make your comeback a reality!

I call this concept R3. The three parts involved are resolve, recover and rebound. These steps are sequential, so you must do them in order if you truly desire to make a comeback that sticks.

These steps are merely the nuts and bolts of making a comeback, the real work is going to be in the investment you make to turn your situation around. Are you ready? Let's go then!


Your objective here is to make corrections to the issue(s) that caused you to derail in the first place. For example, if you are in over your head in credit card debt, one thing you could consider doing at the onset of your resolution is to cut up your credit cards and stop charging on them. The choice you make to move in the right direction is going to have much power as you climb the hill of resolution to recovery. 

Here is your key takeaway: Make the necessary "choices" that are needed to propel you into recovery.


The objective here is to get back to where you were before the train went off the tracks. This is a time of healing. Don't try to "get ahead" too fast. First, work on repairing what might be broken and gain back the footing you may have lost. Moving too fast and leaving loose ends could cause you to derail again. 

Your key takeaway here is: Take the necessary "action" steps that will lead you to recovering what was lost.


This is your ultimate goal, to take another, better shot at your next attempt and succeed! You will be able to rebound only after you have considered the cost of what you once lost and choose to do things differently the next time around, whatever your circumstance may be.

The key takeaway here is: "Progress" toward "success" by not giving up and by making a wiser and better educated attempt, your next time around.

Capture this thought and remember this acronym. Put the C.A.P.S. on. Do this whenever you are in need of making a comeback.

C. Choice - What do you need to change or fix?

A. Action - How are you going to get back to where you were?

P. Progress - Work at your plan diligently and don't give up when it gets tough.

S. Success - You've conquered the hill! Now, develop a new plan to sustain your progress.


We all make mistakes in life. How we respond to them is what matters most. By resolving to make needed corrections and take action to recover what we may have lost, we can rebound.

Remember that Jesus provided the ultimate comeback for humanity by giving up His life for ours, on the cross. No better deed has ever been done to help resolve man's problem with sin, recover what the devil has stolen from us and rebound us back into relationship with God.

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