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FAITH FOR AMERICA - Preparing for the Next Great Awakening

Christian rap artist Andy Mineo composed the following lyrics in his song Clarity off of his 2018 album release "The Arrow"...

"The opposite of Faith ain't doubt... It's when I get it all figured out."

My family and I have always been huge fans of Andy and these lyrics strike a major chord with me.

Recently, while pondering a prophetic word the Lord gave me about Faith for America, I curiously sought to understand any significant differences that may possibly exist between doubt and unbelief when compared against one another.

Here's what I discovered...

Google defines doubt as a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction, fear or to be afraid. While Google describes unbelief as a lack of religious belief; an absence of faith. Merriam-Webster also defines unbelief as incredulity or skepticism especially in matters of religious faith.

I later began to dig further to deepen my understanding. Once again I turned to my trustworthy assistant, Google.

Incredulity is defined as the state of being unwilling or unable to believe something. While skepticism is an attitude of doubt as to the truth of something. Also, in philosophy skepticism is the theory that certain knowledge is impossible.

Has this become the condition of the hearts of many in America - both in and outside of the Church?

I am surely shaken and convicted myself!

Has America taken on an absence of true Faith in God, even among God's people?

I know it sounds absurd even processing the thought. But, I believe it's a reality we must face and ask I really have Faith in God for myself and for this great nation?

Here are my thoughts further on the topic...

I believe America is not lost! I believe for America, that we are entering into a turn of the tide - to see this great nation awakened and lead back to Faith in God!

I heard the Lord say to me recently concerning America...

"I am not done with her yet!" 

A prophetic word from the Lord for America came to me one day in August of 2018 as I sat and envisioned thoughts of myself ministering in a foreign nation (still a desire for myself personally). As I pondered my thoughts, it felt like the hunger of the people who were being ministered to was so great that it seemed easy to move in the power of the miraculous (especially ministering deliverance - the casting out of demons).

My thoughts then shifted to America and I began to sense a challenge in ministering to the people of our great nation in the same manner.

The Lord then brought clarity to me and I believe He revealed to me that the challenge many of us in America face in our experience "at times" of the miraculous Power of God at unbelief.

Could it be that there is unbelief among God's people? Could this be a reason why we struggle in our own Faith walk with God and also why we are ineffective at times in ministering to one another?

We have many more amenities in America than other nations throughout the world. Doctors, hospitals, medications and the like seem to be at our disposal and nearly around every corner.

Has our belief as a nation and for our nation - to be touched by the miraculous Power of God become somewhat misplaced?

Has logic and faith only in what we can comprehend robbed many of us of Faith that God IS, that God CAN and that God is ABLE? 

This is a call for us to return to a simple, yet profound and life altering truth. Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE (John 14:6).

Have we not pondered, with how very advanced medicine is today in our modern world, why there is still no given cure for cancer or AIDS or other debilitating and life robbing diseases?

I have believed for a long time that it is because God wants to be sought after as the ONE who provides and the ONE who heals - no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance and no matter the outcome.

Is it not God himself who has given mankind the ability and the knowledge to come as far as we have as the human race?

Even with all our knowledge and with all of our know-how, we still come up short and empty in our ability to do all things and to know all things on our own.

I believe God is saying to us, with utter simplicity and love that if we would just turn back to Faith in Him we would find everything we need - for every situation.

There is nothing too hard for God! 

"With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible!" - Matthew 19:26 (KJV)

With all of this said many may still ask, why doesn't God just intervene throughout the world and make Himself plainly known? Why is there so much hurt, pain, turmoil, conflict and suffering in existence?

The best way for me to answer is by asking...where has our Faith been placed and what have our lives been set upon?

Is our Faith set upon the one the Bible calls, the Rock of all Ages, or have we turned our Faith towards politicians and pharmaceuticals? Sure, they have a role to play, by God's design, but have we diminished in Faith of the One who created all things?

As believers, are we a people who are seeking the Kingdom first, or are we seeking foremost after man and that which is made by man?

Do we really trust, even without first SEEING?

Are we a people set on believing that God can and will redeem, heal and draw America back to Himself?

I believe that for many of us in America our thoughts need to be shifted back from...I hope God does, to I KNOW God will!

God wants all people to know Him!

God wants all people to experience His healing touch!

God wants all people to be set free and delivered!

God wants all people to find HOPE...true hope that can only be found in Him!

God wants to restore America back to Faith in Him!

We as God's children must have Faith in Him for the many lost souls in America and around the world who have yet to experience the Power of the Gospel!

We must have Faith that God still heals and delivers in this present day!

We must have Faith in God for every situation we face in this life!

There are 4 things I believe we must do to prepare our hearts to experience the next great awakening in America.

We must repent for our sins (individually and as a nation) and the sins of the generations who came before us.

We must believe that God is GOOD and that His plans for us are always good, even when we don't understand. We must also believe that it is God's will that ALL people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

We must believe that God is ABLE and WILLING to meet all of our needs, no matter how great they may seem.

We must ask for God's help in all things, seek Him in all things and Trust Him in all things.

In doing the aforementioned, I truly believe awakening in America will come and we will again see the miraculous Power of God on display on a grander scale than we have ever known!

Many Blessings my friends!